Upcoming Events

January 18 Classes begin
January 27&28 Dressage clinic at SAU
February 3&4 Two day IDA show at SAU
February 11 IDA show at NC State
March 3-10 Spring Break
March 24 "Pedal Power" Fund Raiser
April 21 BEGI Retreat/Lecture Demo Day
April 24-27 Make Up Lessons
April 30-8 Exams No Lessons

Barn Rules

  1. Safety is paramount. Fun is secondary, so have fun but always be aware of others and potential problems.
  2. Any use of jumps, poles or training items must be returned to original location when finished with ride. At times the oudoor arena will be closed. Please respect that.
  3. You are always a representative of Longwood Dressage Team, so keep your language acceptable and your behavior beyond reproach. Gossip or slander or destructive communication will not be allowed.
  4. Each horse will be assigned ONE saddle rack and ONE bridle rack.  There will be extra holders for additional tack. One half of  each shelf will be assigned to each student for their own grooming gear. ALL other supplies, including blankets, coolers etc must fit into tack box or on top shelf. If it does not fit, then it must be stored off premise. Tack boxes will be stored  in front of stall if tack room is full. First preference given to horse in stall.
  5. Each rider is responsible for supplying their own fly spray and baby oil with sprayer.
  6. All grooming is to be done in stalls. Clean up any mess before leaving with horse. All tack, grooming supplies are to be put away before leaving, nothing is to be left in the aisle way. Always pick stalls whenever you come to ride.
  7. If you track in dirt, shavings, mud etc, into main barn, clean it up before you ride and after. Clean up any mess your horse makes before leaving the grooming stall to ride or when finished. Do not leave ANYTHING in any grooming area for others to clean up.
  8. Be sure aisle way is cleaned up and RAKED before leaving for the day.
  9. Any tack owned by the team must be cleaned EVERY time it is used. IT WILL BE CHECKED!! Your tack is yours, but make a good impression and always leave it clean.
  10. Wash rack is for washing only. Do not leave horses in wash rack so that others cannot use it. Clean out drain every time it is used. There will be a manure bucket to place manure if necessary. Sweep rack if necessary, do NOT rinse mud and hair down the drain. PICK IT UP.
  11. Certain jobs will be rotated among members. They include daily aisle raking,weekly tack room sweeping and monthly update of calendar. You will be expected to pick your horses stall EVERY time you come out to ride. 
  12. Blankets are to be hung on stall fronts when removed to ride. They must be stored when not used in your tack bin.
  13. Parking is to used along side of drive way. DO NOT BLOCK DRIVE for any reason
  14. NOONE is to ride a horse without a release signed. Releases are available in the tack room.
  15. Please… respect the personal residence of Celina and John. In case of emergency, you may go up to the house, otherwise it is off limits. You may text Celina or John if you have a question about the care of your horse.
  16. Check message board daily for notices and updates, and lesson schedule.
  17. Lessons offered but missed due to your schedule will not be rescheduled. 2 opportunities to make up a lesson will be offered when cancelled by the coach or for weather. If these are missed, the lesson is counted as missed and will not be offered again. If you have a schedule conflict, you MUST contact the coach the week before and an attempt will be made to work you in on another lesson day. You may switch rides with another rider AFTER getting permission from the coach due to horse use.This is not a guarantee but I will try to accommodate you. One general make up is offered at the end of each semester.
  18. Individual attendence for planned team meetings is required unless previously approved by coach.
  19. Shoes with a heel and helmets are required while mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  20. No horse may be ridden for your free ride unless approved by coach and owner. No extra rides on horses without owner permission.
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