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January 18 Classes begin
January 27&28 Dressage clinic at SAU
February 3&4 Two day IDA show at SAU
February 11 IDA show at NC State
March 3-10 Spring Break
March 24 "Pedal Power" Fund Raiser
April 21 BEGI Retreat/Lecture Demo Day
April 24-27 Make Up Lessons
April 30-8 Exams No Lessons

Hannah Ramsey

Hi! My name is Hannah Ramsey and I [was the] Captain/ President of the Longwood Dressage team [in 2013]! I am from Virginia Beach, VA and have been riding since I was about 6 years old. I started out at a hunter barn near my home and quickly advanced with the help of some amazing school masters. It came as a shock to me when I switched barns at roughly age 9 that riding is an action, not just an act. My very first lesson with a brand new instructor (I had told her I could walk, trot, canter and just up to 18”), I rode an adorable roan mare who was only about 7, but very kind. When I asked her into the canter, I simply got up into two- point, grabbed mane and gave her a swift kick and said cant-Ter! I made no attempt to steer her, no attempt to control her speed, and no attempt to sit down. Before I knew it, she had continued straight over the side of the dressage ring and was eating grass, right beside me as I laid there stunned; that was my introduction to dressage.  Ever since then, I have been fascinated by the control and precision of dressage. I found my home in dressage. (It also didn’t hurt that I am a massive chicken and the jumping arena is no place for those faint of heart.) I never owned my own horse so I took pleasure in riding whatever new school horse my trainer acquired. I learned to ride many different horses with different talents, body structures and states of mind. I fell in love with seeing horses grow from careful love and attention, and a calm and gentle ride. I fell in love with many horses and each has carefully shaped me into the rider I am today- a rider who is active, active in the saddle and active in the mind. I am constantly learning and as a college student, it is my best skill.  I am not a fancy rider, I have never owned a horse and have done very little showing, but I greatly look forward to this new chapter of my riding career. I show Upper Training for the Longwood Dressage Team and could not be more blessed!  

Longwood University class of 2015
Longwood Dressage Team President 2013

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